Research Group and Topics

The commitment of my team is to interdisciplinary research and teaching, which is reflected both in the research projects and in the teaching program. A total of 22 PhD students are currently working at my chair. In recent years, members of my team have received numerous important awards for their research work, such as the Google Research Award, the McKinsey Business Technology Award, the Janssen-Cilag Future Award and the CEBIT Future Market Award.

My work focuses on the conception and development of tools, solution platforms and co-creative assistance systems that can process large multimedia data sources, process, filter, aggregate and visualize them as needed. Such systems act as co-creative virtual companions that support people in discovering contexts, remembering, making decisions, predicting or recognizing complex patterns in heterogeneous data. The following projects are currently underway at the chair itself:

  • FruitFlyDetector - Visual Inspection of Fruit Quality, funded by DAAD, 2014-2017
  • WARM - Smart Water Resource Management System for Agriculture, funded by DAAD, 2015-2018
  • HyperMind - The Anticipating Textbook, funded by the BMBF, 2016-2019

My focus in the field of research lies in the projects that are carried out at DFKI. There, publicly funded projects are carried out and transfer projects with industrial partners initiated and acquired.

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